Are You More Bond or More Q?

We finally saw the new Bond flick, and I think it’s safe to say it’s kick ass.   It has all the car chases, twists, turns and badassery we’ve come to expect from our favorite MI-6 secret agent.

Sitting in the theater we kept thinking, “Damn that guy’s got style.”  And it wasn’t only Bond that caught our eye.  Q, Bond’s own personal iGenius, had his own style.  A style that drastically countered Bond’s, but was equally blog-worthy.

So, here’s the question:  Are you more Bond or more Q?


If you went to MIT and majored in math and science, you’re probably a Q.   If Skymall is your favorite magazine, you’re probably a Q.  If you have a little bit of Brooklyn hipster in you, you’re definitely a Q.  Q is young, smart and fashionable.  He wears skinny ties, cardigans and duffel coats capitalizing on emerging trends and styles.  In the art museum scene Q rocks a solid Chambray tie like this DIBI tie from our collection.  When Q dons a brown cardigan later in the movie, he shows off a neat woven tie similar to this John Varvatos piece.  And I’m sure these 4GB USB cufflinks are right up Q’s alley.


If you think tweeting, pinning and tumblr are wrestling moves, you’re most likely a Bond.  Bond has that undeniable old school class and cool.  He doesn’t get caught up in what’s “hot” or “trendy.”  He wears suits.  High quality, well-tailored suits.  His style is timeless (after all, he’s been around for 50 years).  007 knows the worth of a good white pocket square, which is a staple.  In the museum scene with Q, Bond shows off a durable straight navy necktie, resembling this Armstrong & Wilson piece.  When Bond is chasing down bad guys in his classic greys, he wears a tie similar to this Yves Saint Laurent look.  Of course, the best Bond look is that midnight blue tux. – Now that’s style.-  Whether you know how to tie a bow tie or not, we’ve got you covered.  We have this pre-tied Giorgio Armani or this DIY (good luck) Michael Andrews Bespoke for any formal occasion.

So, who are you? More Bond or more Q?

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