GQ Style Man of the Year, 2023 – Part 2

Last week we introduced you to Tobias Otting, FreshNeck’s youngest (9 years old), but but perhaps most dapper, member.

We received such great feedback (and so many questions!), so we decided to reach out to Tobias and ask him a few fashion-related questions.

FreshNeck: When did you first start appreciating fashion? What was your inspiration?

Tobias: I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion, but I got really interested in it when I saw a distinguished gentleman wearing a bow tie that fit him perfectly. I thought I could grow up to do that, too.

Looks like Tobias has the bow tie down, already.

Looks like Tobias has the bow tie down, already.

FreshNeck: How would you describe your style?

Tobias: I do not have one specific style, but I look for inspiration everywhere.

FreshNeck: How do your peers respond to your uniqueness?

Tobias: They have come to expect nothing less. (Yeah, he’s a baller).

FreshNeck: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?

Tobias: In five years I see myself designing clothing.  In ten years I hope to be recruited to the Fashion Institute of Technology. (We have your recommendation letter ready for you)

FreshNeck: How did you get on board with FreshNeck? How do you feel about this type of service?

Tobias: A membership was my Christmas present from my father and I love the clothing. I am looking forward to getting more bow ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares (he can’t yet wear regular length ties). I also like that FreshNeck allows me to add variety to my wardrobe since I don’t like to repeat my looks too often.

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Tuxedo: Rent or Buy?

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And of course, whichever route you go for your tuxedo, get some stand-out formal accessories from FreshNeck.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 4)

FreshNeck Case Study photo

“Is There Something I Should Know?”
The FreshNeck Blog serves as a resource for the latest in men’s fashion trends.  There are great articles on how to dress for specific events, how to use the site and how celebrities wear ties. By reading through the FreshNeck Blog I learned about a new style of dress called the NewCasual. It incorporates formal men’s accessories into everyday outfits. Once I understood the style, a large percentage of what I chose from FreshNeck was worn casually. I no longer feel that wearing a tie is only needed for special occasions. As a matter of fact I started to post photos on Instagram tagged #NewCasual.  With their wide variety of designers I’m able find a tie for every event, every occasion and every day.

 “New Sensation”
Before FreshNeck dressing for work was something I never looked forward to. With such a limited wardrobe I was simply just trying to not look like I was wearing the same thing everyday. Now with FreshNeck as my resource I look forward to picking out my clothes for work. I frequently try out different patterns and colors that make wearing a tie fun and work appropriate.

 “Glamorous Life“
After I spoke about the ease of FreshNeck, some of my co-workers and friends have started using this service as well. Now when we go out for drinks, we all look stylish and fresh. FreshNeck is not only for the classic man but the modern man as well. They’re certainly helping build a new generation of tie wearers and enthusiasts.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 3)

 FreshNeck Case Study of Kevin.

“True Colors”
FreshNecks’ vast collection of designer haberdashery allows me to dress how I feel. Incorporating a tie with my outfit gives me that extra touch that makes me stand out from every other guy who is wearing just a button down and jeans. I’ve become so used to adding these accessories to my style that it’s kind of a part of my personality now. Purchasing all of these ties would be an expensive endeavor. Good thing for FreshNeck.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”
It happened. I finally came across a tie I couldn’t live without. The knitted John Varvatos has an official spot on my tie rack. I took advantage of the “buy” feature and purchased the tie for way less then retail.

“White Wedding”
My girlfriend and I got invited to a wedding later in the year. Typically I don’t get too excited for events like this but after stepping up my tie game I couldn’t wait to also include a bow tie, cufflinks and even a pocket square to my formal attire. After I choose my suit, I can go online and add everything I need to my “closet” and use the reserve feature to hold the ones I really want. I need to watch out, I can’t look better then the groom.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 2)

Kevin wearing ties from FreshNeck

“I’m So Excited”
Fueled by my excitement of the service, after having FreshNeck for two weeks I’ve added fifty ties to my queue. Every other day I would casually browse through the FreshNeck collection and add products that caught my eye. A feature that came in handy was the favorite button, which is a small heart next to every tie in your queue. By clicking the heart the tie gets added to the favorite section. There I could add notes on what I could match the tie with and for what occasion I would wear it for.

 “Is There Something I Should Know?”
Early on I played it safe by wearing the big named brands like Versace, Prada and Hermes. As I looked closer I started to notice that FreshNeck carried a lot of up & coming designer brands. The ones that might get a small write up in GQ or Esquire but you won’t hear about until months later when they blow up.

 “Go Forward… Move Ahead”
This week spring really arrived and I was able to break out something brand new. I read FreshNecks blog article on the new brand VJNY so I decided to sample a few ties from them.  It was a nice change from always wearing the brands I know. I started to feel like I was a fashion forward guy. People started asking me about fashion trends based on the fact that I was wearing brands they didn’t know. This was the first time this happened to me but thanks to FreshNeck I don’t think it would be the last.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 1)

FreshNeck Before and After Case Study

Since the inception of FreshNeck we’ve received some great feedback from members. We love to read these “success stories” and show our love by throwing a few freebees their way. We’ve noticed that the most genuine advocates are FreshNeck members themselves. Every Friday we’ll publish an excerpt from Kevin’s (seen above) account with FreshNeck to provide an insight on the magic of FreshNeck.

“I Guess You’re Just What I Needed”
For my senior superlatives I won “most likely to become a millionaire” and was nominated to “be the first to get married” (the combination of the two still makes me laugh.) But the most coveted superlative has always been “best dressed.” Not that I expected to win, but I had more interest in my appearance then I probably showed.

For my 26th birthday a friend of mine bought me a platinum membership to FreshNeck. She’s always liked the way I dressed but felt I could step it up a little. Knowing the stubborn guy I was she knew I wasn’t going to buy a new wardrobe, so she started small. I’ll admit, I haven’t worn a tie in years but from GQ to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the tie has certainly become a customary piece to everyday men’s fashion.

“It Feels Like The First Time”
Not wasting anytime I logged in and filled my queue with twenty-five ties. I was able to click and drag each item to place them in the order I wanted them delivered. I had some plans coming up that I wanted to wear a tie for so I chose my first four ties accordingly. I was most excited for the knitted John Varvatos tie that I would wear for my friends’ bachelor party. I also placed a black Emporio Armani tie at the top of my queue intended for an award ceremony at work. I was told to expect my order in 3 business days so my anticipation was now a short waiting game. Until I received my first order I had two questions:

Could something as simple as a tie change the game?
Was FreshNeck the answer?

“Somebody’s Watching Me”
I received my order on a Thursday so wore a tie to work the next day. I stayed with my typical Friday style of jeans and a button down but added some flare with a red knitted tie from Brooks Brothers. I certainly received looks that said “I know something’s different about you but I can’t put my finger on it.” That day I went out to lunch and a colleague commented on my tie. He liked that it was knitted because it was more casual then a traditional silk tie. When I got back to work my boss asked me if I was redefining casual Fridays. I laughed and told her that ties on casual Friday may become “my thing.”