October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and though FreshNeck is geared towards men, many of us have mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and colleagues who have been affected by Breast Cancer.  We’ve come a long way in the educating and detecting of the disease, but still have a way to go.

Here are some great resources for you to learn more about ways you can contribute:

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Susan G Komen Race For The Cure

Wear your pink ties, bow ties, and pocket squares to show support. Send us pictures of you and your colleagues rockin’ the pink (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @freshneck) and we’ll reward one winner with a free month of FreshNeck membership.

Every pink item in the Collection here. All 79 of them.

Designer of the Month – Daniel Bruce of DiBi Ties

DIBI - Casual Neckwear for a Cause

DiBi – Casual Neckwear for a Cause

Many of our readers and FreshNeck members are already familiar with DiBi ties from our collection.  We carry 43 unique DiBi items, including ties, bow ties, and tie bars, all of which can be found here.

Most are crafted using non-silk fabrics, including cotton, seersucker, velvet, and chambray.  Given this, as well as the slim width (ranging from 2-2.75″), DiBi ties are ideal for that #NewCasual look, perfectly suitable for a date or a night out with the boys.

But what many don’t know is that DIBI runs its own foundation (www.dibifoundation.com), which seeks to strengthen and expand educational services and supplies in rural communities throughout the world. A portion of every purchase goes towards providing teaching kits.  FreshNeck is proud to participate in such a worth cause.

Daniel Bruce, founder of DiBi and the DiBi Foundation, describes the brand as representing “the fashion conscious shopper who enjoys plenty of selection at competitive prices.  On the men’s fashion industry, Bruce says “it is growing at a rapid rate, especially accessories. I can only imagine the industry expanding and continuing at this pace.” As a longstanding partner of FreshNeck, Daniel says of the unique “Netflix for Ties” business model “it’s a unique way to offer accessibility to fashion for those who are in need of ties on a daily basis.”

A sampling of some of our favorite DiBi Items available in the FreshNeck Collection:

Pastel Cotton Tie

Pastel Cotton Tie

Gingham Cotton-Blend Bow Tie

Gingham Cotton-Blend Bow Tie

Chambray Skinny Tie

Chambray Skinny Tie

Plaid Cotton Skinny Tie

Plaid Cotton Skinny Tie

Wooden Slim Tie Bar

Wooden Slim Tie Bar




Who do you Tie One On for?

Look for BTC products at FreshNeck.com.

Look for BTC products at FreshNeck.com.

FreshNeck is proud to announce its recent partnership with BowTie Cause.  Launched in 2010 by former NFL Linebacker Dhani Jones as a philanthropic initiative, BowTie Cause utilizes the Bow Tie to raise awareness, and funds, for various charities and non-profits.

By purchasing (or renting) a Bow Tie Cause bow tie, you are showing support for that cause.  Nothing starts a conversation better than a bow tie, so it’s a great way to spread the word.

As part of its ongoing relationship, FreshNeck has purchased and will stock various bow ties relating to different causes.  Currently, they offer three different options:

1. Autism Speaks


2. Multiple Sclerosis Society

MS Society Bow Tie

3. Stand Up to Cancer

Stand Up to Cancer Bow Tie

Over the course of the year, FreshNeck will be showcasing additional bow ties and causes.  We also urge you to go to Bow Tie Cause’s website, and purchase any bow ties we don’t carry to support causes near and dear to you.

Check out all three of these bow ties, along with the rest of FreshNeck’s bow tie collection, here.

Dhani shows you How To Tie a Bow Tie.