Get Your Dandy On – New Lapel Flowers

Lapel Flower

We’ve told you before how the Lapel Flower (the modern boutonniere) is making a comeback.  They can be found adorning the lapels of dapper gentlemen from Milan to New York City. There seems to also be a bit of a coup amongst the SportsCenter crew up in Bristol Connecticut (See Ray Lewis). What these men already know, and what you’ll soon realize, is that the lapel flower is the new pocket square, a way to add a dash of style and intrigue to an outfit, without conforming to the norm.

We’ve seen a huge increase in demand, so we’re increasing the supply! We recently added 8 new lapel flowers to the Collection, from Made in Manhattan designer Harper Heritage. Check out the additions here, or go to their website to view/purchase the entire line.


New Additions from Seaward & Stearn

Fall items have just arrived from British designer Seaward & Stearn. Featuring their trademark bold colors and patterns, these items are sure to add the “extra something” your outfit is missing.

Check out FreshNeck’s entire Collection of Seaward & Stearn ties and bow ties here.

Seaward & Stearn Ties


New Kiton Ties and Pocket Squares

TheCollection banner

We’re always doing our best to keep our Collection “fresh” (see what we did there?). This comes in many forms: 1) ensuring we have variety at each membership level, 2) multiples of each item so they are generally available, 3) finding the best emerging designers, 4) experimenting with products and designs.

In this light, we have been making many inventory purchases over the past month(with more to come), that will be made available on the site over the coming weeks. Since the Collection is getting a bit cumbersome (over 1600 unique items!), we will highlight some of our favorite new additions here, so you can efficiently add the ones you like to your closet.

Kiton_03Today, we’re proud to highlight our new collection of Kiton pocket squares. Kiton represents the finest in Italian luxury. Their pocket squares are 15″, made from the highest quality silk in Napoli, and feature hand-rolled edges in a contrasting color.  The new additions feature medallion prints in a variety of bold colors. Kiton pocket squares make a great stand-alone accessory with a blazer and shirt, or as a compliment to a quality tie.

You can check them all out, along with our Kiton ties, here.

By the way, these pocket squares retail for $140 each. We’re pretty confident in our value proposition, so here’s the link to prove it. 


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#NewCasual Transformation

The intuitive likes of Saul Carrasco join us again in the above video feature. Held at Michael Andrews’ Bespoke in the heart of NYC, Saul demonstrates how one can easily transform a casual day or night out look in a more formal, tailored style. Using a wide array of FreshNeck products including ties and tie bars, Saul presents a quick, clean way to dress up without sacrificing comfort.

Saul Carrasco is well known as an expert in menswear and fashion. His blog, Trend Styled features all the top news and latest styles in men’s clothing and accessories. His established experience as a style writer has positioned his blog as a go to source for all things men’s style. To learn more from Saul, visit his site. Also, be sure to stop by for all your menswear accessory needs.

Who do you Tie One On for?

Look for BTC products at

Look for BTC products at

FreshNeck is proud to announce its recent partnership with BowTie Cause.  Launched in 2010 by former NFL Linebacker Dhani Jones as a philanthropic initiative, BowTie Cause utilizes the Bow Tie to raise awareness, and funds, for various charities and non-profits.

By purchasing (or renting) a Bow Tie Cause bow tie, you are showing support for that cause.  Nothing starts a conversation better than a bow tie, so it’s a great way to spread the word.

As part of its ongoing relationship, FreshNeck has purchased and will stock various bow ties relating to different causes.  Currently, they offer three different options:

1. Autism Speaks


2. Multiple Sclerosis Society

MS Society Bow Tie

3. Stand Up to Cancer

Stand Up to Cancer Bow Tie

Over the course of the year, FreshNeck will be showcasing additional bow ties and causes.  We also urge you to go to Bow Tie Cause’s website, and purchase any bow ties we don’t carry to support causes near and dear to you.

Check out all three of these bow ties, along with the rest of FreshNeck’s bow tie collection, here.

Dhani shows you How To Tie a Bow Tie.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 3)

 FreshNeck Case Study of Kevin.

“True Colors”
FreshNecks’ vast collection of designer haberdashery allows me to dress how I feel. Incorporating a tie with my outfit gives me that extra touch that makes me stand out from every other guy who is wearing just a button down and jeans. I’ve become so used to adding these accessories to my style that it’s kind of a part of my personality now. Purchasing all of these ties would be an expensive endeavor. Good thing for FreshNeck.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”
It happened. I finally came across a tie I couldn’t live without. The knitted John Varvatos has an official spot on my tie rack. I took advantage of the “buy” feature and purchased the tie for way less then retail.

“White Wedding”
My girlfriend and I got invited to a wedding later in the year. Typically I don’t get too excited for events like this but after stepping up my tie game I couldn’t wait to also include a bow tie, cufflinks and even a pocket square to my formal attire. After I choose my suit, I can go online and add everything I need to my “closet” and use the reserve feature to hold the ones I really want. I need to watch out, I can’t look better then the groom.

Case Study: Kevin (Part 2)

Kevin wearing ties from FreshNeck

“I’m So Excited”
Fueled by my excitement of the service, after having FreshNeck for two weeks I’ve added fifty ties to my queue. Every other day I would casually browse through the FreshNeck collection and add products that caught my eye. A feature that came in handy was the favorite button, which is a small heart next to every tie in your queue. By clicking the heart the tie gets added to the favorite section. There I could add notes on what I could match the tie with and for what occasion I would wear it for.

 “Is There Something I Should Know?”
Early on I played it safe by wearing the big named brands like Versace, Prada and Hermes. As I looked closer I started to notice that FreshNeck carried a lot of up & coming designer brands. The ones that might get a small write up in GQ or Esquire but you won’t hear about until months later when they blow up.

 “Go Forward… Move Ahead”
This week spring really arrived and I was able to break out something brand new. I read FreshNecks blog article on the new brand VJNY so I decided to sample a few ties from them.  It was a nice change from always wearing the brands I know. I started to feel like I was a fashion forward guy. People started asking me about fashion trends based on the fact that I was wearing brands they didn’t know. This was the first time this happened to me but thanks to FreshNeck I don’t think it would be the last.

Fresh Friday: NYC Fashion Week

Yesterday ended New York’s bi-annual Fashion Week.  And even though they had to battle through the New York City cold and snow, the street stylers were out and in full force.  While the city streets teemed with overcoats and scarfs, some real nice ties and pocket squares peaked out towards the end of the week when the weather warmed up.

Here are some of the freshest looks from NYC Fashion Week with some suggestions on how to achieve the same level of dapper with a little help from

Etro Floral Tie

Brooks Brothers Polka Dot Tie

Tommy Hilfiger Polka Dot Tie

DKNY Striped Tie, Armstrong & Wilson Egg Whites Pocket Square

Brioni Geometric Tie, Brooks Brothers Purple Gingham Pocket Square

Brooks Brothers Knit Tie

Andrew’s Ties Pink Striped 

Fresh Fridays: Bow Ties

Last week we focused on the pocket square.  This week we’re all about bow ties.

The bow tie isn’t just for Tucker Carlson anymore.  It’s a symbol that you’re fashion forward.  That you have a confident and fearless sense of style.  That you’re sophisticated (I mean really, have you ever tried to tie one of these things).

Here are some great bow tie looks (and how we can help you pull them off).

Blue Annaruna

Brooks Brothers

Robert Talbott

Hickey Freeman

Michael Andrews Bespoke

Now if you need help tying, there’s always this.

Fresh Friday

If you’ve ever seen a Street Style blog before, you probably know pocket squares are in right now.  Colorful, bright, detailed pocket squares.  Of course, they go great with the perfect tie or a nice three piece suit, but pocket squares can do so much more.  They can liven up a simple blazer and tell the world you know how to dress.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these some awesome pocket square looks from the street.

Recommendation:  Armstrong & Wilson – Blushing (left) and Edward Armah – Pocket Circle (right)

Recommendation: Ivy Prepster – Floral

 Recommendation: The Hill-Side – Camo

Recommendation:  Polo by Ralph Lauren

Recommendation: Vintage Paisley 

Recommendation:  Michael Andrews Bespoke – Floral Cotton (left) and Giorgio Armani (right)

Recommendation: Armstrong & Wilson – Tall Glass of Water

Recommendation: Vineyard Vines

(photos from Dapper Lou and Tommy Ton)