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From Jay-Z to Justin Timberlake, some of 2013’s greatest hits are mentioning designers and fashion trends in their tracks. With the release of “Magna Carta/Holy Grail”, Jay-Z’s latest album, designer Tom Ford not only get’s his named dropped in the chorus, but the rapper even dedicates an entire song to the fashion icon, titled “Tom Ford”.

The union between the rapper and designer seems just right. A top tier music mogul and one of the biggest names in fashion is bound to make a statement.

In the chorus, Jay-Z is rapping, “I don’t pop Molly/ I rock Tom Ford.” It seems that Ford’s pieces are Jay-Z’s drug of choice. What designer gets you “high?”

Jay-Z is not the only one dedicating his tunes to the men’s fashion world.

Justin Timberlake made his musical comeback with fashion in mind. Bringing sexy-back after a six year hiatus, his track “Suit & Tie” off his “The 20/20 Experience” album proves Timberlake is a fashion guy too. Ironically featuring Jay-Z rocking Tom Ford in the video from head to toe, this collaboration has been a huge success. The track is inspired by retro soul legends and infused with modern sound. Not only was “Suit & Tie” a number one hit but the Jay-Z and Timberlake are currently collaborating in the “Legends of the Summer” tour.


Who is the most fashionable male singer today?

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Dressing Presidential: The US Presidents Style Guide

Happy President’s Day!  We hope you’re enjoying your Monday off, but right now it’s time for a quick history lesson.  Topic: US Presidents, of course.  Through America’s 237 years, we’ve had 44 Presidents.  Some of them quite stylish.  Now let’s take this opportunity to look back and appreciate the most dapper Commanders and Chiefs the U.S. has ever seen.


John F. Kennedy – The Prepster

America’s most overtly stylish President had to be Jack Kennedy.  Spending his summers in Massachusetts, attending high school in Connecticut and graduating from Harvard University, Kennedy had the New England preppy look down pat.  I don’t know how many other Presidents could pull off royal blue socks, but Kennedy had no problems.  While his casual looks are untouchable, he looked damn good in a suit too.  I guess when you’re able to land Jackie O. and Marilyn Monroe you’re doing something right.  Kennedy’s style came from his slim fitting suits, skinny ties and unique use of colors, patterns and fabrics (above).

Ronald Reagan – The Movie Star

Before Ronald Reagan was the face of the Republican Party, he starred in movies with Humphrey Bogart and Bonzo the monkey.  Like most stars during that time Reagan knew how to dress.  Wearing fabrics and patterns that today have reemerged as sartorial classics.  By the time he became President in 1981, his fashion sense had become a bit more conservative from his earlier years,  although he did like to mix it up every once and a while.  What often get’s often overlooked is Reagan’s retirement style, he kept it casual and, sort of, badass, because – well – he did win the Cold War.

Theodore Roosevelt – The Rough Rider

Teddy Roosevelt loved hunting and loved the outdoors, he was also a Harvard educated New Yorker who took pride in how he dressed.  When Roosevelt organized a volunteer Cavalry nicknamed the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War he ordered their dress uniforms from Brooks Brothers.  His favorite brand.  When Teddy was called to wear something a little more appropriate  for Washington D.C. he stuck to three-piece suits and patterned ties.  Teddy is often called the first modern president and he definitely modernized presidential style (minus the monocle and mustache).

Harry S. Truman – The Haberdasher

The mere fact that Truman was a haberdasher before becoming president means he knew a thing or two about dressing well.  Truman was a huge fan of the double breasted suit  and loved showcasing an impressive four point pocket square.  He wasn’t shackled to the double beast though, he had a diverse sense of style, sometimes donning a three piece,  but never loosing that trademark pocket square.  Even in his retirement Truman’s style would have made Russell Westbrook proud.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – The Boss

FDR had a very unique style for his day.  Roosevelt was a big fan of the bow tie, which he most likely co-opted from, his Allie across the pond, Winston Churchill.  FDR was also known for showing off his fashion sense with bold accessories like hats and boutonnieres.  Roosevelt wasn’t all ‘gimmicks’ though, he could rock a simple “no thrills” suit with the best of them.  He was president for 12 years (easily the most in US history), he navigated the stars and stripes through the Great Depression and the early part of World War II and looked good doing it.

Barack Obama – The Cool One

From singing Al Green to hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce, Obama’s cool guy exploits have been pretty well documented.  Some may dismiss President Obama’s fashion sense as boring, he usually sticks to navy or grey suits when he’s not attending black tie events, but don’t confuse understated for boring.  Obama’s suits are always impeccable tailored, never bulky or boxy, and his ties are tied flawlessly, always with a perfect center dimple, maybe he can stand to lose the mom jeans, but we’ll forgive him as long as he looks this good in a suit.

Who do you think is the Most Stylish US President?

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A Grammy Style Recap

Last night was the Grammy Awards.  Of course the red carpet was lined with stunning ladies (it always is), but they weren’t alone .  The men made some big fashion statements last night, stretching the “black tie” thing as far as they could.  There were so many great looks and some – umm – interesting ones too.  Some went classic, some went velvet and some wore capes(?).   Let’s just say, it was a very eclectic mix of styles

Here are our five favorite looks from the 2013 Grammy Awards.


The Suit & Tie Guys

If there’s some type of “cool guy quota”  Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake far exceeded it last night when they shared the stage to perform “Suit & Tie”.  Jay-Z took home three awards in style.  Justin continued his 2013 comeback looking fresh.  But we’re most jealous of who these guys get to sit next too.  We’re not worthy.

The Hipsters

In a year the guys from FUN. went from hipster favorites to Top 40 radio with their infectious hit “We are Young.”  Last night, they showed off their hipster chic style donning skinny ties, round rimmed glasses and slim fitting suits.  They took home home awards for Song of the Year and Best New Artist, and definitely looked good doing it.

The Boss

Rick Ross commonly refers to himself as “The Boss” or more accurately, “The Bawse.”  It’s safe to say you won’t find this Tom Ford tux at your local Big and Tall’s.  From the diamond pinky ring to the cigar, no one looked more like the boss the bawse last night than Ross.

The Burgundy 

While Mario Lopez may not be a musician (unless you count this), he had one of the best looks of the 2013 Grammy’s.  While most decided to play it safe with black or navy, Lopez mixed it up with a perfectly cut burgundy suit, slim black tie and classic white pocket square.  This is a look we may have to steal.

The Skyfall

It looks like Drake was as taken by the new James Bond flick as we were.  It was good to see Drizzy ditch the sweaters for this midnight blue Saint Laurent tuxedo.  He won his first Grammy, but more importantly he ended up on our Grammy’s Best Dressed list.

Who had the best Grammy look?

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Dwyane Wade Goes to Washington

The World Champion Miami Heat visited the White House yesterday.  And while it may be Lebron’s team, Dwyane Wade stole the show.

While the rest of the team dressed in conservative black and navy suits, Wade, a FreshNeck favorite,  took this opportunity to make a fashion statement.  Light gray suit, polka-dot pocket square, fantastic tie and SNEAKERS!?!  Wade’s bold style wasn’t lost on President Obama either.

Of course these weren’t your father’s PF Flyers.  These were Christian Louboutin Golfitos.  Retailing at $675, let’s just say you won’t be doing any yard work in these babies anytime soon.

Now this wasn’t Wade’s first trip to the White House.  Back in 2007, Wade made his White House debut wearing an ill-fitting black suit and a drab black tie (boring).  But like we’ve said before, Wade’s style continues to evolve and that’s a good thing (a very good thing).

But, what we want to know is what you guys think.   Sneakers with a suit, Yay or Nay?

Sneakers with a suit?

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And the Oscar Goes to…

Yesterday, the Academy announced its Oscar nominations.   Lincoln led the way with 12 nominations followed closely by Life of Pi with 11,  Les Miserable and Silver Lining Playbook each received 10 rounding out the top four.  That’s all well and good, but what really caught our attention was the “Best Actor” category.

Denzel Washington.  Bradley Cooper.  Daniel Day-Lewis.  Joaquin Phoenix.  Hugh Jackman.  This is easily the most dapper “Best Actor” field in recent memory, no crazy old men (cough-Mickey Rourke-cough)), no nerdy young men (cough-Jesse Eienberg-cough), and no well-meaning schlubs (cough-Philip Seymour Hoffman-cough), just five really stylish leading actors.

Denzel Washington


Denzel’s been throwing heat since the eighties.  The Academy has nominated him six times since 1987 and he’s won twice, but it’s more than just his acting skills that get him recognized.  Last year Denzel appeared on the cover of GQ, showing off  his impeccable style in a double breasted striped navy suit, with a killer pocket square – neck tie combo.  There’s a reason your mother, grandmother, sister and niece all have a crush on this guy, he radiates a confident, cool, good guy swagger.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper first caught our eye in Wedding Crashers as the jerky boyfriend, he later played Phil in the hilarious summer blockbuster The Hangover, now he’s an Oscar nominated star for his work in Silver Linings Playbook. The man has come far in a few short years and so has his style.  He’s appeared on the cover of GQ, Esquire and whatever other men’s style magazine you subscribe to.  He’s always a feature on the red carpet showcasing impeccably tailored suits.

Daniel Day-Lewis


Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most reclusive actors on the planet,  a dedicated method actor who freelances as a cobbler on the side, but don’t let that take away from his style sense.  Day-Lewis has the boldest fashion sense of this list.  Often experimenting with classic fabrics, trading out ties for scarfs, and sometimes, just wearing a good old fashioned suit and tie.  He’s definitely an – um- original.

Joaquin Phoenix

As long as Joaquin Phoenix avoids that David Letterman look , he’s got the cool guy in a black suit thing down pretty well.  He usually skews causal, making a habit of the loose tie, unbuttoned collar trend.  Last time he was nominated for a an Oscar he went black-on-black-on-black,  it will be interesting to see what he does this time around.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has done it all.  Whether it’s Wolverine, Jean Valjean, or Oscar host, this Aussie can do anything.  That includes style.  He’s graced GQ’s cover in the StatesAustralia and Russia, he’s truly an international star.  His style combines ruggedness with sophisticated class.  He’s arguably Australia’s greatest export.

What leading may has the best style?

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Are You More Bond or More Q?

We finally saw the new Bond flick, and I think it’s safe to say it’s kick ass.   It has all the car chases, twists, turns and badassery we’ve come to expect from our favorite MI-6 secret agent.

Sitting in the theater we kept thinking, “Damn that guy’s got style.”  And it wasn’t only Bond that caught our eye.  Q, Bond’s own personal iGenius, had his own style.  A style that drastically countered Bond’s, but was equally blog-worthy.

So, here’s the question:  Are you more Bond or more Q?


If you went to MIT and majored in math and science, you’re probably a Q.   If Skymall is your favorite magazine, you’re probably a Q.  If you have a little bit of Brooklyn hipster in you, you’re definitely a Q.  Q is young, smart and fashionable.  He wears skinny ties, cardigans and duffel coats capitalizing on emerging trends and styles.  In the art museum scene Q rocks a solid Chambray tie like this DIBI tie from our collection.  When Q dons a brown cardigan later in the movie, he shows off a neat woven tie similar to this John Varvatos piece.  And I’m sure these 4GB USB cufflinks are right up Q’s alley.


If you think tweeting, pinning and tumblr are wrestling moves, you’re most likely a Bond.  Bond has that undeniable old school class and cool.  He doesn’t get caught up in what’s “hot” or “trendy.”  He wears suits.  High quality, well-tailored suits.  His style is timeless (after all, he’s been around for 50 years).  007 knows the worth of a good white pocket square, which is a staple.  In the museum scene with Q, Bond shows off a durable straight navy necktie, resembling this Armstrong & Wilson piece.  When Bond is chasing down bad guys in his classic greys, he wears a tie similar to this Yves Saint Laurent look.  Of course, the best Bond look is that midnight blue tux. – Now that’s style.-  Whether you know how to tie a bow tie or not, we’ve got you covered.  We have this pre-tied Giorgio Armani or this DIY (good luck) Michael Andrews Bespoke for any formal occasion.

So, who are you? More Bond or more Q?

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The NBA Style Guide

In recent years the NBA has experienced a fashion renaissance.  It wasn’t always this way. In 1996, Allen Iverson emerged as the “next big thing” in a league ran by Michael Jordan. Jordan a businessman and cultural icon treated the game – well – like a business.  He wore suits and had impeccable style.  As the standard bearer of the NBA, the league followed his lead.  When Jordan retired Iverson assumed the throne and with it came sweatpants, do-rags and a dark age for NBA style.  The league responded in 2005, instituting a dress code.  The league took a few years to re-calibrate but thanks to a crop of young new stars who embraced the new NBA dress code the NBA has emerged as a style Mecca for professional athletes.

New York’s Finest – Amar’e Stoudemire 

New York is the fashion capital of America and when Amar’e signed with the Knicks he didn’t disappoint.  Amar’e loves wearing suits, rocking bow ties, and infusing pops of color.  In 2011, Amar’e even started his own fashion line with celeb stylist Rachel Roy (clients include Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson and Tyra Banks).  He’s out for the first few weeks of the NBA season with a knee injury, but the Knicks’ loss is your sartorial gain, as he will be gracing the sidelines, sure to be looking fresh.

The Professional – Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the five best players in the NBA and he’s also one of the best dressed.  While LA is known for it’s laid back demeanor and lavish lifestyles, Chris’ style is anything but. He dresses in perfectly tailored suits and understands the understated class of keeping it simple.  Whether it’s a three piece or a double breasted suit, Chris knows how to compliment his look with the perfect tie and pocket square.  He even graced the cover of GQ’s Fall Style Playbook.

The Urkel – Russell Westbrook

Everyone has an opinion on young Russell Westbrook.  Some people love his game, some hate it.  Well, his style choices are just as divisive.  Russell takes the nerd-chic thing to a whole new level.  Bright bold colored frames and crazy patterned shirts are the standard for the OKC point guard.  His wardrobe routinely looks like something borrowed from a  MoMa exhibit.  He usually keeps it casual with a short sleeve button up, but when he does throw on a tie or a jacket, he, of course, adds his own twist.

The Evolutionist – Dwyane Wade

Wade has come a long way from his Nelly inspired band-aid look days.  He dabbled in the nerd-chic craze before trading it in for an older more sophisticated style sense.  While Wade has learned to embrace a nice suit, he still hasn’t forgot how to look cool and casual.  What makes Wade’s style so interesting is his comfort in trying new looks and styles.

The Next Jordan – Lebron James

We’ve all heard it for years now.  Is Lebron the next Jordan?  On the basketball court maybe, maybe not, but off the court, definitely.  Lebron , like Michael, aspires to be more than just a basketball player, he aspires to be a businessman.  That’s why sometimes his look screams more boardroom than basketball.   And while he has been known to overstep his bounds from time to time, he seems to be learning what look works best for him.

The Youngin – Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one the most relatable stars in the NBA.  He’s won over legions of fans with his old school meets new school style of play.  His off the court style is similar, he wears classic navy or grey suits in an updated fit.  Rose is a great style icon for the next generation.

The Godfather – Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier

Hall of Fame point guard Walt Frazier’s nickname “Clyde” came from his style similarities to Warren Beatty in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde.  Frazier was the first style icon of the NBA, often wearing expensive suits, fur coats and fedoras to games.  He now calls games for the New York Knicks and still takes pride in his look and is absolutely fearless in his style decisions.  Without Clyde the NBA’s style landscape would have been completely different.

Who has the best style in the NBA?

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