Dapper Derby Recap


On May 4th, for the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby, FreshNeck came together with other awesome companies to throw a Dapper Derby party.  The who’s who of the NYC social scene came out to the Dream Hotel’s Ava Lounge, dressed to the nines in seersucker, pastel-colored suits, frilly dresses, and of course, crazy hats! Together, they turned “the most exciting two minutes in sports” into an all-day affair, dancing to Electric Gentlemen’s electro-swing mix and drinking the custom cocktail, “Electric Julep.”

Highlighting the high-profile event was none other than Caesar the Horse holding down the red carpet.  CaesarTheHorseSpecial thanks to Dapper Derby participants and sponsors, including Everett Clothing, Electric Gentlemen, and Suspender Boys.

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The most exciting 2 minutes in…Fashion


Everyone loves the Kentucky Derby. Sporting Event? Check. Flowing Booze (Mint Juleps, anyone?). Check. Gambling. Check.

But as you’ve come to expect from us by now, we like to take things to another level. Sure, you can mosey on down to your local watering hole at 6:22 pm just in time to catch some 70-year-old announcer yell “AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME.” But while the actual race everyone cares about is only 2 minutes long, we prefer to participate in a daylong spectacle of the 3D’s 1) Dancing 2) Drinking, and 3) Dressing Up . Yeah that’s right. No Derby Party is complete without full-on, Derby-Inspired costumes. In fact, FreshNeck has gotten together with of New York City’s hippest and most dapper companies (Everett Clothing, Suspender Boys, Electric Gentlemen, and others) to throw an all day DerbyStyle shindig at the Ava Lounge at the Dream Midtown Hotel. Tickets can be bought here, and include a drink ticket, and automatic entry to a raffle chock full of great prizes.  As if this wasn’t enough, we will also be hosting a cash-prize costume contest, and there will be a real-live horse greeting you at the door.

But we realize many of you won’t be in New York City to attend, and will be going to other Derby-themed parties.  No matter where you’re downing your juleps, we strongly encourage you to do so in style, literally. So we’ve put together some quick tips for the gent looking to get his Southern Charm on. Bonus points for buying as little as possible, and using what you have. Double bonus points for renting your accessories at FreshNeck.com. 

Everett Clothing Seersucker Bow Tie

Everett Clothing Seersucker Bow Tie

Vineyard Vines Seersucker Tie

Vineyard Vines Seersucker Tie


1. Seersucker – There is an old saying that “Only rich men can afford such a cheap fabric.” You can go traditional with a full-on seersucker suit or blazer like this Bonobos edition, or go modern with seersucker accessories.

2. Color – The bolder and brighter the better. There’s no wrong place for it: your shirt (think pastel!), pants, socks, bow tie, even your shoe laces.

3. Hats – Leave them for the ladies!

4. Be comfortable! The beauty of #DerbyStyle is you can dress up, and still be cool and comfortable. It’s all about breathable fabrics (seersucker, cotton, linen), whether in the Kentucky sun  or a sweaty NYC bar.


Now, if you just can’t get yourself to go all-in on this, and you’re looking to participate in a conservative way, perhaps you can go with a conservative, derby-themed accessory.  Here’s a favorite from our Collection:

Seaward & Stearn Silk Derby-Themed Tie

Seaward & Stearn Silk Derby-Themed Tie

We want to see your Derby Outfits! Post on FreshNeck’s Facebook or Twitter, or hashtag on Instagram with @FreshNeck or #DerbyStyle. We’ll select the best ones and repost, and give away some cool prizes.

Some full-outfit inspiration:

Derby Perfection by Kellan Lutz

Derby Perfection by Kellan Lutz

On point, without being ridiculous

On point, without being ridiculous

When in doubt, follow Heff's lead

When in doubt, follow Heff’s lead


Dwyane Wade Goes to Washington

The World Champion Miami Heat visited the White House yesterday.  And while it may be Lebron’s team, Dwyane Wade stole the show.

While the rest of the team dressed in conservative black and navy suits, Wade, a FreshNeck favorite,  took this opportunity to make a fashion statement.  Light gray suit, polka-dot pocket square, fantastic tie and SNEAKERS!?!  Wade’s bold style wasn’t lost on President Obama either.

Of course these weren’t your father’s PF Flyers.  These were Christian Louboutin Golfitos.  Retailing at $675, let’s just say you won’t be doing any yard work in these babies anytime soon.

Now this wasn’t Wade’s first trip to the White House.  Back in 2007, Wade made his White House debut wearing an ill-fitting black suit and a drab black tie (boring).  But like we’ve said before, Wade’s style continues to evolve and that’s a good thing (a very good thing).

But, what we want to know is what you guys think.   Sneakers with a suit, Yay or Nay?

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Dress Like A Heisman

The Heisman Award is the most prestigious individual football award in the country.  It is given to the most outstanding college football player in the nation.  It dates all the way back to 1935.

This past weekend the finalists came to New York City for the 77th annual Heisman presentation.  They ditched their shoulder pads and eye black for ties and pocket squares.  The three Heisman finalists included Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football from Texas A&M, Manti Te’o from Notre Dame and Collin Klein from Kansas State.

Now, we’re not here to talk about who won (Johnny Manziel) or who we think should have won (Manti Te’o), we’re here to talk about what they wore and who wore it best (Collin Klein).

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football may have earned himself a new nickname Saturday night.  Johnny Heisman.  He made history in his navy pinstripe suit becoming the first freshman ever to win the award.  Manziel also showed off some serious fashion sense with his spread collar and french cuffed shirt.  He rocked a diagonal striped navy and pink tie pairing it with a matching pink pocket square, really making the colors pop.

Manti Te’o

In a few weeks the Hawaiian linebacker from Notre Dame leads his team into the National Championship versus Alabama, but Saturday night he took a page out of Jay-Z’s book and went all black everything.  Manti sported a black pinstripe suit over a black shirt.  He coupled that with a black and silver tie.  Maybe Manti went a little overboard with the whole black thing, but at least he added some color with a traditional Hawaiian leis (sorry fellas, can’t help you with that one).

Collin Klein

Klein may have finished a distant third in the Heisman race, but if it’s any consolation, he was easily the best dressed of the night.  He wore a perfectly cut gray suit with a white pointed collar shirt.  Representing his Kansas State colors, Klein donned a straight purple tie with a matching purple pocket square.  Tip for all the guys out there, whether you’re a Kansas State alum or not, purple always goes great with gray.

The NBA Style Guide

In recent years the NBA has experienced a fashion renaissance.  It wasn’t always this way. In 1996, Allen Iverson emerged as the “next big thing” in a league ran by Michael Jordan. Jordan a businessman and cultural icon treated the game – well – like a business.  He wore suits and had impeccable style.  As the standard bearer of the NBA, the league followed his lead.  When Jordan retired Iverson assumed the throne and with it came sweatpants, do-rags and a dark age for NBA style.  The league responded in 2005, instituting a dress code.  The league took a few years to re-calibrate but thanks to a crop of young new stars who embraced the new NBA dress code the NBA has emerged as a style Mecca for professional athletes.

New York’s Finest – Amar’e Stoudemire 

New York is the fashion capital of America and when Amar’e signed with the Knicks he didn’t disappoint.  Amar’e loves wearing suits, rocking bow ties, and infusing pops of color.  In 2011, Amar’e even started his own fashion line with celeb stylist Rachel Roy (clients include Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson and Tyra Banks).  He’s out for the first few weeks of the NBA season with a knee injury, but the Knicks’ loss is your sartorial gain, as he will be gracing the sidelines, sure to be looking fresh.

The Professional – Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the five best players in the NBA and he’s also one of the best dressed.  While LA is known for it’s laid back demeanor and lavish lifestyles, Chris’ style is anything but. He dresses in perfectly tailored suits and understands the understated class of keeping it simple.  Whether it’s a three piece or a double breasted suit, Chris knows how to compliment his look with the perfect tie and pocket square.  He even graced the cover of GQ’s Fall Style Playbook.

The Urkel – Russell Westbrook

Everyone has an opinion on young Russell Westbrook.  Some people love his game, some hate it.  Well, his style choices are just as divisive.  Russell takes the nerd-chic thing to a whole new level.  Bright bold colored frames and crazy patterned shirts are the standard for the OKC point guard.  His wardrobe routinely looks like something borrowed from a  MoMa exhibit.  He usually keeps it casual with a short sleeve button up, but when he does throw on a tie or a jacket, he, of course, adds his own twist.

The Evolutionist – Dwyane Wade

Wade has come a long way from his Nelly inspired band-aid look days.  He dabbled in the nerd-chic craze before trading it in for an older more sophisticated style sense.  While Wade has learned to embrace a nice suit, he still hasn’t forgot how to look cool and casual.  What makes Wade’s style so interesting is his comfort in trying new looks and styles.

The Next Jordan – Lebron James

We’ve all heard it for years now.  Is Lebron the next Jordan?  On the basketball court maybe, maybe not, but off the court, definitely.  Lebron , like Michael, aspires to be more than just a basketball player, he aspires to be a businessman.  That’s why sometimes his look screams more boardroom than basketball.   And while he has been known to overstep his bounds from time to time, he seems to be learning what look works best for him.

The Youngin – Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one the most relatable stars in the NBA.  He’s won over legions of fans with his old school meets new school style of play.  His off the court style is similar, he wears classic navy or grey suits in an updated fit.  Rose is a great style icon for the next generation.

The Godfather – Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier

Hall of Fame point guard Walt Frazier’s nickname “Clyde” came from his style similarities to Warren Beatty in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde.  Frazier was the first style icon of the NBA, often wearing expensive suits, fur coats and fedoras to games.  He now calls games for the New York Knicks and still takes pride in his look and is absolutely fearless in his style decisions.  Without Clyde the NBA’s style landscape would have been completely different.

Who has the best style in the NBA?

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