Summer Weather Wardrobe Changes

Summer is a beautiful time filled with lazy weekends on the beach, drinking sangrias on rooftops, watching films under the stars in the park, and of course lots of heat. When the sun starts heating up, it’s time to take the layers down but still stay “fashionably cool”.

First and foremost, the number one thing you need to know about dressing for the changeable summer weather is to be a planner. Those who are organized and prepared for the worst are the ones who always win.

Sweat-free Shirts

Long commute to work? Lots of outdoor walking involved? Wear one shirt and pack your work shirt to-go. Making that quick change in the office won’t only keep you feeling fresh, but it will also save your co-workers from having to suffer through any odd summer smells. When packing your clothes— rolling shirts instead of folding helps avoid too many wrinkles. You can also pack a small to-go sized bottle of mens summer stylewrinkle releaser (quick DIY: put a dryer sheet in a spray bottle with water— works the same as wrinkle releaser).

Layer first then strip

Always start the cool mornings with an extra layer— making it possible to take layers off to feel and look cool. Linen blazers, v-neck

sweaters, and light weight cardigans all make for a great top layer. Bonus: after work during happy hour- you can slip your layer back on for some extra warmth- just in case it turns out to be a cool summer night.

Heading to the beach? Throw a fun summery printed button down over a tank. This can easily be taken off once it heats up, and still looks great to throw back on for dinner on the docks at your favorite sea-food restaurant. Note: bracelets make for excellent beach accessories— don’t be afraid to show off some of your personal style while still “hanging ten” on the beach.

Quick Tips

  • Roll sleeves for a cooling and relaxed look
  • Swap your regular socks for “no-shows” or invisible socks
  • Invest in a good bag— be it a beach ready tote or small backpack— you won’t regret it
  • Play around with a seasonal scarf— fashion forward and summer friendly

- the FreshGuy

Style Survival Guide: The Heatwave



When the temperatures soar into the 90’s, us guys are screwed. While the ladies have it easy, in their summer dresses and tanks (we don’t mind), we suffer the heat with our long sleeves and pants. Knotting a tie and adding a blazer/jacket only makes matters worse.  Throw in a crowded subway ride and you have a recipe for disaster.  Nobody wants to be the guy showing up to the office covered in sweat.

With August near, the hot and humid days are only getting worse. Here are a few tips to keep you feeling cool, without sacrificing style.


While your wool blend may get you through three seasons, cotton and linen rule the day for summer suits. They are the perfect lightweight summer fabrics with a bonus – it draws attention to your shoulders to highlight those long hours at the gym. However, keep in mind linen’s tendency to wrinkle. J. Crew and Bonobos both offer reasonable options in a variety of colors.

As for summer shirts, our favorite fabrics are poplin, zephyr, and linen. For a detailed discussion of summer shirting fabrics, check out our friends over at Alenford.


And of course, we can’t leave out the accessories. A good rule of thumb is to match the material of your tie to your blazer. While Fashion 101 will tell you not to wear your thick wool tie, you’d be surprised at how much heat a standard silk tie can generate, especially if knotted tightly.  Instead, go with a lightweight slim cotton or linen (or derivatives like chambray and seersucker). One of the great benefits of being a member of FreshNeck is that you can properly play the seasons, without purchasing the items.  Get some fresh summer ties and pocket squares for the summer, and exchange them out for more traditional fabrics as fall rolls around.

Some brands to check out that specialize in lightweight fabrics: DiBi, Armstrong & Wilson, Breuer, and Everett.


Dark colors trap the heat, while light colors let it pass through. Our favorite is a basic khaki suit. Versatile enough to dress up or down, lightweight chino fabric ensures nobody will see sweat. If you want to keep it formal, pair it with a white shirt and black tie, but we suggest bringing it casual with a pop of color. A trending alternative is the light gray suit, in cotton or linen.



We are all for a tailored look, but summer suits should be cut slightly bigger to allow room to breathe.  Nobody wants to see that suit stuck to your inner thigh.  And you’ll be less inclined to sweat through the material.



Let’s stick with the same themes here.  Keep it light, both in weight, and in color.  Some caramel or light gray colored loafers work well.

And no need for socks.  You’d be amazed at how much letting your ankles breathe can do for the rest of your body.  If you tend to sweat from your feet (or get blisters) from going sockless, consider a loafer liner, which is basically just the bottom of a sock.  Hook & Albert makes some a great one in funky colors.

Sockless Loafers in Summer Still feeling helpless? If you tend to sweat like Patrick Ewing after 48 minutes against the Bulls, its handy to keep a second shirt (and some deodorant) at the office. Last resort? Keep your suit at the office and commute in gym shorts and sneakers – just make sure you get to work before your boss!

How do you stay cool and stylish in the summer? Leave a comment below!