The Gentleman’s Guide to Winning Valentine’s Day

FB_VdayNewsletterValentine’s Day is just over a week away. She’s been looking forward to this for quite some time. You haven’t planned anything yet, even though she’s dropped 29 hints. Fear not, we have you covered.  We’ve recruited our Office Manger, Eileen,  to let you in on all the secrets – what they REALLY want.


Gentlemen. I’m going to simplify things for you. Here’s the foolproof way to finally be the hero on Valentine’s Day.

1. Get a Card. And write in it. Not just sign your name to a Hallmark card, but actually think of something sentimental and write it by hand. Bonus points if you make your own.


2. Flowers or Chocolate. Pretty simple, right. You don’t have to understand why we like flowers – we just do. So put together a decent bouquet or pick up some fresh chocolates. Neither should be purchased at the local 7-Eleven.


3. The Gift. Oh, you thought flowers was enough? Sorry, but not sorry. Here’s the good news: we’re not looking for something expensive, but rather something with a little thought behind it. The bad news: you have to put a little thought behind it. The easy-but-effective way out: Jewelry. Check out Alex Mika Jewelry for fun but affordable options. (Get $15 off any purchase of $50 or more with code “freshneck15″)


4. The Loophole. Want to get out of purchasing physical items that you think have no meaning? Get creative, and plan something special for the two of you. Ditch the typical pre-fixe dinner and surprise her with a cooking class or hire a personal chef.


Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to be rewarded…


Have some trade secrets you’re willing to part with? Let us know what you have planned.


The FreshNeck Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Everyone’s favorite Hallmark-themed holiday is right around the corner.  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and no matter what she says, she’s expecting something.  So, we’re here to give you a few ideas that won’t land you in the dog house.

Now, if you haven’t spent the last three months planning out the perfect gift, don’t stress too hard.  We got you (that’s what a good wing-man is for, right?).  The key is to keep it simple (relatively speaking) and make it personal.  If you don’t know exactly what she wants, you should at least know what she likes and, if you don’t know that, then strive for something romantic.  Girls like romantic.

No matter where you are in the relationship or what your paycheck looks like, don’t fret, we got ideas for everyone.

If you’re broke…

Hey we get it.  The economy is bad, unemployment is up, and funds are limited.  Lucky for you, sentiments are cheap.

- Flowers + Chocolates 

It’s as traditional as it gets.  Maybe even bordering on boring, but in a pinch it works.  Know her favorite color, or better yet, her favorite flower and pick a bouquet accordingly.  When it comes to the chocolates, you should go for the good stuff (cough-Godiva-cough) and leave the Nestle Crunch bars for movie night.

- Gift Card

This one could be a tricky proposition.  It will almost definitely come off as last minute and impersonal, but with some skill you can pull it off.  If know where she shops or what she needs or what she’s been talking about for the last three months, that could come in handy.  For example, if she’s on tumblr 24/7 reblogging pictures of her “perfect bedroom,” think  Bed Bath & Beyond gift card, if she’s into art, think art supplies card.

- Make Dinner (a nice one)

Whether you can cook or not, it’s not terribly difficult to go onto Epicurious, find a recipe and follow it.  It’s also not terribly expensive.  Plus women like a guy that can handle himself in the kitchen, so even if you have to fake it, fake it.  She’ll be impressed.

If you’re ready to step your game up…

Okay, so maybe you’ve been seeing her for a while and you want to do something special.  Or maybe you just got some cash to spend and you’re looking for a way to make a big impression.

- Spa-day

Find the best spa in town and set her up.  Mani, pedi, facial, massage.  Everybody likes to be pampered and I’m sure your girl in no different.  Just make sure it’s somewhere legitimate and not some seedy Asian massage parlor that’s offering happy endings for $50 a pop.

- Subscription/Club/Box of the Month

 Of course we had to show love for the subscription/box-of-the-month/club gifts.  I mean why get her one box of chocolates, when she can get a box-a-month or a bottle of wine a month or year long subscription to what ever she wants.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving (literally).

- Tickets to a Show or a Concert

Whether it’s Broadway or Beyonce (we all saw her kill it at the Super Bowl), she’ll like it.  Try and snag floor seats to Mumford and Sons,  Taylor Swift, Beyonce or any of the other huge tours set for 2013.  If you’re lucky enough to live in New York, think Broadway, it’s genetically coded in every girl’s DNA that they must love the play Wicked.  

If she’s the one…

(self explanatory)

- World Famous Restaurant

Open up your wallet, break out the Michelin List and take her to a really fancy dinner.  As Tom Haverford would say, ‘Treat yo self” (and yo lady too).  Valentine’s Day is only once a year, why not take her to one of the best, most exclusive restaurants in town.

- Weekend Getaway 

February is cold (as I write this, Blizzard Nemo has covered the streets in snow).  Why not take your lady and get away.  Take a weekend vacation.  Go to a topical island and sip mimosas by the beach.  Take her to New Orleans and party on Bourbon Street.  Or fly to Vegas and hit the strip.  Everyone loves a good adventure.

- A Ring 

As Queen Beyonce Carter Knowles says, “put a ring on it.”  It’s Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year (or so we’re told).  What are you waiting for?

Oh, one more thing, maybe you should “accidentally” leave the computer on so she sees this (wink) …