Owning the Skinny Tie

Tie shape says a lot about a guy and his personal style. When it comes to the skinny tie, solid colors and a smooth satin silk fabric are by far the most popular choice. The narrow look of theFreshNeck, skinny tie, black tie, tie width, necktie tie combined with the soft fabric gives a guy a sophisticated and edgy modern style.
In most cases, one wants a tie to hang straight, and have the knot itself be either symmetric or showcase the popular tie dimple. When tying a skinny tie, it is best to have a “non-perfect tie knot”. Instead go for a slightly loose knot. Don’t worry about the tie hanging straight, and instead of one dimple, multiple crinkles at the knot look best.
Needing to pair the tie witha suit for a more formal occasion? No problem. Go with one of the most simple and more common knots: The Four-in-Hand. The Four-in-Hand is the oldest tie knot known to man. Originally invented in Britain during the end of the 19th Century, the Four-in-Hand quickly became a standard in mens style. Having been used in everything from regular sized ties, skinny ties, and even those pesky extra long ties; the simplicity of this knot has helped it remain popular century after century (seriously no doctorate degree needed). In fact it is often times referred to as the simple knot. Not to mention, the Four-in-Hand is a killer knot when paired with traditional striped ties like the British Regimental Stripe.

- the FreshGuy

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