Staff Picks is officially live.  Our entire Collection of over 800 designer ties, pocket squares and cufflinks are up and ready to be browsed.  I know it can be a daunting task to comb through our massive collection, so let me offer some help.  Here are some of our favorite items, if you like what you see you can just click the link and add them to your virtual closet.

 Forsyth Plaid Wool Tie

Thanksgiving is nearly here and this is the perfect tie to wear while sitting around the dinner table stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans or just lounging on the couch watching the football games waiting for the tryptophan to kick in.  It’s a 100% wool, which is an absolute classic autumn fabric as it conveys warmth and ruggedness.  On top of that, the orange, brown, yellow and blue plaid color scheme is a sartorial hit for fall.

Etro Silk Floral Tie

Founded in 1968 by Italian designer Gimmo Etro, Etro is known for its high quality fabrics, innovative color patterns and embellished designs.  This tie follows suit (no pun intended).  The paisley pattern has become a hallmark of the Etro brand.  This %100 silk tie possess a dignified and vivid blue and green floral print on a red and orange base.  It makes a statement that you have a defined unflinching style, think Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire.

Hermes Striped Links Tie

It’s hard impossible to go wrong with a Hermes tie.  Made in France from the highest quality silk, Hermes neck wear is the Rolls Royce of ties.  The intricate link pattern is understated, but will definitely impress.  Hermes is the epitome of luxury goods, and this tie which can be worn on any occasion will not disappoint.

“The Triplets” by Armstrong & Wilson

There is so much to like about this %100 cotton pocket square.  It has an extremely versatile navy and white gingham pattern, a stylish pink trim and a blue fabric button just to put it over the top.  Perfect for a weekend trip up to Cape Cod while slurping on clam chowder and cracking open some fresh lobster.

Tateossian Gun Metal Cufflinks with Ruby Rocks

Legendary UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden famously once said, “It’s the little details that are vital.”  Well, that’s how we feel about cufflinks, often overlooked, a killer pair of cufflinks can take your style to a whole new level.  These Tateossian cufflinks aren’t your father’s cufflinks, they’re not the classic silver stud cufflinks people have become accustomed to, they’re flashy, bold and modern.

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