The #NewCasual

#NewCasual - Leather on Leather

#NewCasual – Leather on Leather

We’ve mentioned before that ties are not just for the office.  (Find that blog post here). But it’s time to take this to the next level.  So we here at FreshNeck are officially starting our new campaign, #NewCasual. The name speaks for itself. You already have your businesswear down. Your suit game is in its prime, your wingtips are shined, and you are confidently rocking those fine Brioni, Hermes, Gucci, and Prada silk ties.

But do you live to work, or work to live?  Don’t neglect your style when you’re out on the town, whether with your friends, your family, or a member of the fairer sex. Just as you’re shooting for that promotion at work, it’s time to earn your promotion at life. So show ‘em what’s up, and tie one on.  It’s the #NewCasual.

Before you think that the trendsetters aren’t already embracing this, here is some inspiration.

Swizz Beatz - bow tie and colorful sweater

Swizz Beatz – bow tie and colorful sweater

David Beckam - tie, dark printed shirt, cardigan, jeans

David Beckam – tie, dark printed shirt, cardigan, jeans

Dwyane Wade - tie, sweater, leather jacket, sunglasses

Dwyane Wade – tie, sweater, leather jacket, sunglasses

JT - loosened tie, vest, rolled sleeves, thick-rimmed glasses

JT – loosened tie, vest, rolled sleeves, thick-rimmed glasses



So now you know.  Rock stars wear ties and Athletes wear ties.  It’s the #NewCasual.  So leave that 3.5″ silk beauty in your office desk drawer, and grab one of these bad boys for your next night out.

And when you’re out at that party and you photobomb Timberlake, hashtag it with #newcasual.



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Lebron James - tie, vest, printed shirt, rolled-up sleeves

Lebron James – tie, vest, printed shirt, rolled-up sleeves



FreshNeck 101

You signed up for an account.  You know how it works. You’ve read the FAQs.  But, if you really want to get the most out of our service, we got a few more tips for you.  We’ve spent hours upon hours trying to give you, the customer, the best user experience possible.  Here are some features you may not know about , that you really should.



Sorting through our entire collection could be a daunting task, but we got you.  You can filter though our unmatched inventory by level (silver, gold, platinum), type (neckties, bow ties, cufflinks, and more), brand (too many to list), color, material, pattern and width to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Also don’t sleep on the search bar, where you can utilize broader terms like “summer” or “preppy” to find an even more specific look.  Once you find something that piques your interest just add it to your closet with one click.




Once you’ve added a few items to your closet, it’s time to curate your queue (think  Netflix).  You can add as many items to your queue as you want (and we encourage it), then drag and drop each item in the order you’d like to receive your gear.  The top three available items in your queue will be sent straight to your doorstep.  When you are ready for something fresh, send them back to us and get whatever’s next on your queue.  Keep in mind, not all items are available, so add as many as possible to ensure you receive your full allotment.



In your closet you’ll see a gray box titled “Items Reserved For You.”  You can reserve one item (two if you’re a deluxe member).  If you reserve an item we’ll keep it on the side for you until you send back an item.  This comes in handy for that wedding or business trip you’re taking in a few weeks, when you want to assure that the exact tie, pocket square, or cuff links will be available when you need them.  You can only reserve an item that is currently available.

Recommend AccessoriesReccommended Accessories

One of the coolest things on our site is our Recommended Accessories feature.  Think of it like your own personal stylist.  We have gone through our entire collection and handpicked what ties go with what pocket squares best.  These stylish combinations are guaranteed to catch a few eyes.

My Favorites


This allows you to keep track of, you guessed it, your favorite items.  You can also add a note about said items (notes like; where you wore it? Who you were with? What you wore it with?  You don’t want to get caught wearing the same thing twice).  Adding a favorite is easy, just click the gray heart next to the item in your queue, once the heart turns gold you’ve added it to your favorites.  Then to access all your favorites go to the bottom of your queue and click the box “Go To My Favorites.”



Sharing is caring.  If you want to get your friends’ opinions or just want to show off your style, you can share any of our items on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  Just click the little pop-out “share” button on the right side of the screen and then whatever corresponding icon you want to share your swag on.



So you found a tie, you queued it up, you wore it, you got a ton of compliments and now you want to own it.  No problem.  FreshNeck offers you the ability to purchase any tie you’ve already tried at a below market value price.  For now, you can only purchase an item that you currently have “at home.”  Think about it like, try before you buy or, better yet, try before you tie (sorry, bad pun).


We always love hearing back from you guys on what can make our service and site better.  In the next couple of months we’d love to add more features that make the site easier to use, more interactive, and more intuitive.  If you have any suggestions on new features you would like to see in the future you can comment below.  We’re open to all ideas and maybe,  just maybe, your idea will make it on to the site.

For the Ladies: Women in Bow Ties

Women wearing ties isn’t a new thing.

Diane Keaton (the original hipster) made nerdy guys everywhere think they had a chance, as the tie wearing love interest of Woody Allen, in 1977’s Annie Hall.  And even before that, Audrey Hepburn (a favorite of Tumblr and Pinterest users everywhere) was known to rock a bow tie every once and a while.  Well, like all trends, what’s old is new again.

The Bow Tie is Back.

The women in bow ties thing has been percolating for a few years now.  Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds star) made it her go to accessory a few years back.  Even Rihanna (singer and Chris Brown enthusiastic) experimented with the bow tie look here and there.   But, in 2013, the bow tie look seems ready to explode.

Whether it’s indie favorite Janelle Monae (singer from last summer’s most earwomy hit “We Are Young“), superstar Beyonce (the most powerful woman on Earth, sans Oprah) or TV’s guiltiest pleasure Kim Kardashian (Kanye’s baby’s mama) bow ties are definitely a trending topic in women’s style.

And we love it.

Emerging brands, like Modern Day Mogul, have started to cater to women’s needs in the bow tie department and we at FreshNeck think it’s totally dope.  I mean, why should men have all the fun?  The bow tie, especially for women, can be so versatile.  It can add a pop of color to a simple black & white outfit.  It can add some fun and irreverence to a blouse or dress shirt.  Or it can grab some attention with a cool print or some sequins.

The women in bow tie look definitely has our stamp of approval.


How to Get Fresh for New Year’s Eve

It’s almost New Year’s Eve.  Time to ditch the striped button-up and dark jeans for some thing more – New Year’s Eve-ish.

It’s time to pick your sartorial game up.  To be classy.  To be dapper.  To dress like a man is suppose to dress.  I mean, unless you’re planning on welcoming in the New Year alone in the corner of a crowded room, you’re going to want to step it up.

Ties, cufflinks and pocket squares are what you need.  Nice ties, cufflinks and pocket squares.  I’m not talking about that duck tie your mother got you for Christmas, I’m talking about real high class accessories.

The Classics

Bow Tie

This Altea silk black bow tie won’t score you any extra points for creativity, but that hasn’t stopped style icons, young and old, from donning the most classic of sartorial pieces.  It comes un-tied, so you’re going to have to learn to tie a bow tie, but, come the end of the night, you’ll be able to rock the timeless un-tied bow tie look like a boss.


This True Forum black-on-black paisley tie is a classic with a little twist.  Of course there will be a ton of straight black ties where ever you go, which we love, but why not differentiate yourself a little bit

Pocket Square

When in doubt, go Giorgio Armani.  This Armani off-white pocket square can go a long way to add a little pop to a simple black tuxedo jacket.


These Jan Leslie cufflinks have a black face with a functioning round watch.  Because, you’re going to be watching the clock all night anyway.

The Bold

Bow Tie

Who said you have to wear a black tie to a black tie event?  This emerald Giorgio Armani bow tie will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.  It’s striking, stylish and, best of all, pre-tied.


This is a super skinny (1.75″) ivory silk Dolce & Gabbana.  Once again, if you’re feeling bold, ditch the black.  Combining great quality and the reborn skinny tie trend, this will really make you stand out.

Pocket Square

This isn’t you’re run of the mill black pocket square.  This Armstrong & Wilson piece has their signature black flower button coupled with a white fringe, because it’s all about the details with these guys.


Leave the bedazzling to the guy in the Ed Hardy tux, these are authentic Swarovski Crystals.  These Tateossian cufflinks are sure to catch the eye of a few females, no matter where you’re sipping Champagne on New Year’s Eve.

Fresh Fridays: Bow Ties

Last week we focused on the pocket square.  This week we’re all about bow ties.

The bow tie isn’t just for Tucker Carlson anymore.  It’s a symbol that you’re fashion forward.  That you have a confident and fearless sense of style.  That you’re sophisticated (I mean really, have you ever tried to tie one of these things).

Here are some great bow tie looks (and how we can help you pull them off).

Blue Annaruna

Brooks Brothers

Robert Talbott

Hickey Freeman

Michael Andrews Bespoke

Now if you need help tying, there’s always this.