The Dapper Man Shop: Gently-worn designer accessories at discount prices


While we are obviously huge proponents of collaborative consumption, sharing, and access – we understand there is often a desire to own.  So we are introducing The Dapper Man Shop ( to serve as our traditional e-commerce platform.

Dapper Man Shop

We see the DMS serving two primary functions:

1. Go-to marketplace for gently-worn accessories (30-70% off retail)

With no size component or “icky-factor,” and high mark-ups on retail, ties and other accessories are ideal for the “used” market, yet there is no reliable way to purchase such items. Thrift shops are hit-or-miss and time-consuming, and eBay is unreliable and unregulated. The Dapper Man Shop is your middleman, curator, and regulator. Only mint-condition items, from the best designers, will be made available – so you can purchase with confidence (at huge savings, of course)

Many of the items available on the DMS will have only been worn a handful of times. In fact, many are worn and handled less than the “new” ties on the shelf at your local department store.

So far, we have some selections from Hermes, Brioni, Etro, Versace, Ted Baker, Robert Graham, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and more. We’ll add more every week!

2. All your non-rentable goodies

Not everything can be rented. Shoes, socks, blazers, wallets, the list is endless.  We will be curating the best of the best for the dapper gentleman, from both well-known brands and emerging designers. Stay tuned…

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You too can be sittin' on a mound of awesome ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

You too can be sittin’ on a mound of awesome ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

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A Tie for Any Occasion


Neckwear can provide the ability for any man to elevate his appearance whether that’s to his boss, his friends or even his future wife. However, not just any tie will do. With today’s wide variety of menswear, it’s easy to tailor your style towards any event or circumstance you may find yourself in.


The office is all about showing off your confidence – without appearing arrogant. On your climb to the corner office, wear striped patterns while keeping in mind the power colors such as gold, blue and black when putting together your look. Stick with traditional silk and nothing slimmer than 3 inches.  Bring it all together with a tie bar.

We Recommend:

Silver – Ben Sherman, Antonio Ricci

Gold – Burberry, Brooks Brothers

Platinum - Armani Collezioni, Versace 



Get noticed for all the right reasons at your next brunch, day party or stroll around town. For a casual look, throw on a loosely knotted tie and roll up those sleeves to your collared shirt.  If you’re committed to fashion like us, think about skinny ties in solid colors and prints in non-traditional fabrics like linen and cotton.

We Recommend:

Silver –  DiBiEverett

Gold- Ivy Prepster, rag & bone

Platinum- Breuer, Bocara 



Whether it’s a casual first date or a night on the town, neckwear shows an attention to detail as well as style and personality. Remember that night casual is different than office attire. Look for slim and dark styles or take chances in something velvet or leather. Feeling adventurous? Drop a pocket square in your jacket and try to layer with cardigans and vests.

We Recommend:

Silver - Everett

Gold - VJNY, Ted Baker 

Platinum - Armani 



Formal occasions are the time to look simple, yet classy and refined. You can never go wrong in black, but take the time to celebrate in something fresh like a bow tie or elegant cufflinks.

We Recommend:

Silver - True Forum

Gold - Vitaliano

Platinum - Codis Maya

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Case Study: Kevin (Part 3)

 FreshNeck Case Study of Kevin.

“True Colors”
FreshNecks’ vast collection of designer haberdashery allows me to dress how I feel. Incorporating a tie with my outfit gives me that extra touch that makes me stand out from every other guy who is wearing just a button down and jeans. I’ve become so used to adding these accessories to my style that it’s kind of a part of my personality now. Purchasing all of these ties would be an expensive endeavor. Good thing for FreshNeck.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”
It happened. I finally came across a tie I couldn’t live without. The knitted John Varvatos has an official spot on my tie rack. I took advantage of the “buy” feature and purchased the tie for way less then retail.

“White Wedding”
My girlfriend and I got invited to a wedding later in the year. Typically I don’t get too excited for events like this but after stepping up my tie game I couldn’t wait to also include a bow tie, cufflinks and even a pocket square to my formal attire. After I choose my suit, I can go online and add everything I need to my “closet” and use the reserve feature to hold the ones I really want. I need to watch out, I can’t look better then the groom.

How to Get Fresh for New Year’s Eve

It’s almost New Year’s Eve.  Time to ditch the striped button-up and dark jeans for some thing more – New Year’s Eve-ish.

It’s time to pick your sartorial game up.  To be classy.  To be dapper.  To dress like a man is suppose to dress.  I mean, unless you’re planning on welcoming in the New Year alone in the corner of a crowded room, you’re going to want to step it up.

Ties, cufflinks and pocket squares are what you need.  Nice ties, cufflinks and pocket squares.  I’m not talking about that duck tie your mother got you for Christmas, I’m talking about real high class accessories.

The Classics

Bow Tie

This Altea silk black bow tie won’t score you any extra points for creativity, but that hasn’t stopped style icons, young and old, from donning the most classic of sartorial pieces.  It comes un-tied, so you’re going to have to learn to tie a bow tie, but, come the end of the night, you’ll be able to rock the timeless un-tied bow tie look like a boss.


This True Forum black-on-black paisley tie is a classic with a little twist.  Of course there will be a ton of straight black ties where ever you go, which we love, but why not differentiate yourself a little bit

Pocket Square

When in doubt, go Giorgio Armani.  This Armani off-white pocket square can go a long way to add a little pop to a simple black tuxedo jacket.


These Jan Leslie cufflinks have a black face with a functioning round watch.  Because, you’re going to be watching the clock all night anyway.

The Bold

Bow Tie

Who said you have to wear a black tie to a black tie event?  This emerald Giorgio Armani bow tie will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.  It’s striking, stylish and, best of all, pre-tied.


This is a super skinny (1.75″) ivory silk Dolce & Gabbana.  Once again, if you’re feeling bold, ditch the black.  Combining great quality and the reborn skinny tie trend, this will really make you stand out.

Pocket Square

This isn’t you’re run of the mill black pocket square.  This Armstrong & Wilson piece has their signature black flower button coupled with a white fringe, because it’s all about the details with these guys.


Leave the bedazzling to the guy in the Ed Hardy tux, these are authentic Swarovski Crystals.  These Tateossian cufflinks are sure to catch the eye of a few females, no matter where you’re sipping Champagne on New Year’s Eve.

Staff Picks is officially live.  Our entire Collection of over 800 designer ties, pocket squares and cufflinks are up and ready to be browsed.  I know it can be a daunting task to comb through our massive collection, so let me offer some help.  Here are some of our favorite items, if you like what you see you can just click the link and add them to your virtual closet.

 Forsyth Plaid Wool Tie

Thanksgiving is nearly here and this is the perfect tie to wear while sitting around the dinner table stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans or just lounging on the couch watching the football games waiting for the tryptophan to kick in.  It’s a 100% wool, which is an absolute classic autumn fabric as it conveys warmth and ruggedness.  On top of that, the orange, brown, yellow and blue plaid color scheme is a sartorial hit for fall.

Etro Silk Floral Tie

Founded in 1968 by Italian designer Gimmo Etro, Etro is known for its high quality fabrics, innovative color patterns and embellished designs.  This tie follows suit (no pun intended).  The paisley pattern has become a hallmark of the Etro brand.  This %100 silk tie possess a dignified and vivid blue and green floral print on a red and orange base.  It makes a statement that you have a defined unflinching style, think Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire.

Hermes Striped Links Tie

It’s hard impossible to go wrong with a Hermes tie.  Made in France from the highest quality silk, Hermes neck wear is the Rolls Royce of ties.  The intricate link pattern is understated, but will definitely impress.  Hermes is the epitome of luxury goods, and this tie which can be worn on any occasion will not disappoint.

“The Triplets” by Armstrong & Wilson

There is so much to like about this %100 cotton pocket square.  It has an extremely versatile navy and white gingham pattern, a stylish pink trim and a blue fabric button just to put it over the top.  Perfect for a weekend trip up to Cape Cod while slurping on clam chowder and cracking open some fresh lobster.

Tateossian Gun Metal Cufflinks with Ruby Rocks

Legendary UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden famously once said, “It’s the little details that are vital.”  Well, that’s how we feel about cufflinks, often overlooked, a killer pair of cufflinks can take your style to a whole new level.  These Tateossian cufflinks aren’t your father’s cufflinks, they’re not the classic silver stud cufflinks people have become accustomed to, they’re flashy, bold and modern.

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