Random Things We’re Thankful For

This post isn’t about the cheesy and cliche things we’re thankful for, like our family, friends, and health. This is more about the things we take for granted, but make each and every day just a bit better. Without further ado:

We’re thankful for BYOB Restaurants


Because paying over $10 a beer isn’t good for our 8-beer-a-day habit.

We’re thankful for UBER/HAILO


Because it’s easier to get that girl to go home with you when your chauffeur is waiting for you.

We’re thankful for Yoga Pants, and more specifically, Jen Selter in Yoga Pants

jenselter:Haha just came across this !

Because Seriously? The pictures speak for themselves. In fact, here’s some more.

We’re thankful for One-Wipe Charlies

One Wipe Charlies

Because they’ve changed our life. No joke.

We’re thankful for Living in New York City…

Because there are 180,000 more women than men. Oh, and the museums.

We’re thankful for Delivery Services.

Because we can order anything from our couch in our pajamas, from weed to Momofuku.

We’re thankful for Free Music…

Because wait, people used to pay for music? In record stores?

We’re thankful for Linsday Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Justin Beiber, and Miley Cyrus…

Because we’re looking that much better to our parents every day.

We hope this has helped you reflect on what’s truly important in your life, and all that you have to be thankful for. In all seriousness, we’re truly thankful that we get to work at a company that so many of you enjoy.



The Dapper Man Shop Recap

As all of you FreshNeck followers know, our Dapper Man Shop event was a huge hit last month. By teaming with other e-commerce sites such as Black Lapel, The Collaterals, Everett, and Pengallan, our pop-up shop provided a location for customers to see and feel firsthand the quality of products we have to offer.

The video above features a wide array of products that were displayed at the event. We also get some insight from FreshNeck owner, David Goldberg as well as our partnering company owners. For More information on the event be sure to check out our previous Dapper Man Shop blog post.

#NewCasual Transformation

The intuitive likes of Saul Carrasco join us again in the above video feature. Held at Michael Andrews’ Bespoke in the heart of NYC, Saul demonstrates how one can easily transform a casual day or night out look in a more formal, tailored style. Using a wide array of FreshNeck products including ties and tie bars, Saul presents a quick, clean way to dress up without sacrificing comfort.

Saul Carrasco is well known as an expert in menswear and fashion. His blog, Trend Styled features all the top news and latest styles in men’s clothing and accessories. His established experience as a style writer has positioned his blog as a go to source for all things men’s style. To learn more from Saul, visit his site. Also, be sure to stop by FreshNeck.com for all your menswear accessory needs.