Top 5 Men’s Fashion Mistakes

freshneck-spring13-shoot-imageDid you ever have one of those moments where you felt like the coolest cat in town; then you looked back and realized you really weren’t? As men we often mistake what’s in style for what isn’t. We’re notorious for pulling fashion faux pas everywhere we go. Well, if you’re looking to update your look in a stylish manner, this is your source. Below we’re going to cover the top 5 major fashion mistakes you’re going to want to steer clear of.

  1. Oversized Suits – Most guys are wearing sizes that look too big for them. It isn’t appealing and must be avoided. Often, oversized clothes make the wearer look small and sloppy. Instead look for fitted suits that provide a slimming appearance.
  2. Bad Trouser Breaks – There is nothing more unappealing that having your trousers pool around your shoes. Your best bet is to find a local tailor and have them cuff your trousers to size. Ideally there should be only a slight break around the ankle.
  3. Square Toe Shoes – Stick to round toed shoes. The square toed era is long gone. I mean our feet aren’t square, why should our shoes be?
  4. Un-tucked Office Shirts – While huge in the college scene, this look is by far unappealing. All the un-tucked shirt communicates is that you don’t know how to dress yourself, or you simply don’t care.
  5. Wallet Diet – Many ignore the style of a wallet. There’s nothing worse than seeing a well-dressed man with a wallet bulging in his pocket. There’s no need to carry all your receipts, coupons, and business cards everywhere you go. Rather, invest in a slim wallet or card holder that will hold a bit of cash, some cards, and an ID.

Oversized suit vs. fitted suit.
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If you would like some style tips from our experts here at FreshNeck feel free to email us at One of our experienced stylists will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding style and fashion.


Dapper Eye for the Small Guy


If you are a short and skinny guy you’ve probably often faced some frustration when dressing up. Simply put, most suits and ties do not necessarily flatter your physiques. You have to be carefully deciding which fitted shirts, ties, and sports jackets will best help pull off that dapper style you’re shooting for. Many small statured guys face that dilemma as well, therefore we figured some of these tips bellow should definitely help out.

  1. The one button jacket is your friend – A one button jacket allows for a larger “V” shape along the lapels. This in turn lengthens your torso and overall physique.
  2. Shorter jackets lengthen the legs – A short jacket ending just at the bottom of the seat lengthens the leg line visually. This in turn creates the illusion of being tall.
  3. The peak lapel – a peak lapel draws attention upward towards the wearer’s chest and shoulders, creating a broader perspective. Be sure to stick to thinner lapels if you have a small frame).
  4. Show some shirt cuff – You can have your jacket sleeves cut to show a bit of your shirt cuff. Anywhere from a half inch to an inch is ideal. Add a stylish set of cufflinks from our collection to properly accessorize. See our full collection of cufflinks here.
  5. Lastly and most importantly, is the tie. A tie can make or break a short, skinny guy’s look. With so many styles available it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one. Here the skinny or slim tie will pull off your look best. If you’re thin and wearing a slim-fit shirt, a skinny or slim tie will accent your appearance. The thinness of the tie will promote a slender and taller perspective without sacrificing broadness in the shoulders and chest. For example take a look at the slimming Gucci, wool and silk blend, 2.75 inch slim tie or the Duchamp silk knit skinny tie.
    Gucci Skinny Tie

    Gucci  Wool and Silk Blend 2.75″ Slim Tie

    Duchamp  Silk Knit Skinny Tie

    Duchamp Silk Knit Skinny Tie

    Now the question is, where could skinny guys go to find skinny ties? Why not FreshNeck? Styles come and go so why spend hundreds on ties that will soon be out of style. Rent any tie you like and return it when you’re done only at Our plans start at $20/month with unlimited free exchanges. Just think of us as the Netflix for ties.