Traveling Ties

When it comes to traveling, packing clothes is often a chore many fear. You want to make sure you pack your clothes cleanly and efficiently. One of the most awkward articles of clothing to pack is the tie. Ties are expensive, so obviously you would want protect them from zipper snags, stains, or worse, the TSA. After doing quite a bit of research, three methods seemed to be most effective.


Brown Leather Tie Case by Moore & Giles

The first is a tie carrier. Think of a portfolio for your ties. This small case safely stores your ties and protects them from any other items in your bag that could cause damage. Some claim the case causes mild creases, but that’s nothing a quick steaming can’t solve.

The second method is quite a bit cheaper and just as effective. Rolling up your ties and storing them in an airtight Ziploc bag works especially well with thicker, wool knit ties. While it might not be as stylish as a tie carrier it will definitely get the job done.

The last method may very well be your best bet. You only need to pack ties if you own them. And, to be honest owning ties is expensive and over-rated. With FreshNeck, you can rent all the ties you want and keep them as long as you want. However, what happens when you need to travel with your ties? FreshNeck has you covered there as well. FreshNeck will provide shipping services to any hotel you plan on checking into. With just a few online clicks, your ties will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive. Visit today and start traveling smarter.