Ties Not Just For The Office

Steven Alexander in Bally's Leather Tie for FreshNeck

Steven Alexander in Bally’s Leather Tie for FreshNeck

As GQ put it, “When you’re wearing a tie, you can pretty much stroll in anywhere you want. It’s like an Admirals Club card that you wear on the outside.” Well next time you’re going out on the town – bar, club, restaurant, date – step up your game with some neckwear. You will stand out, for all the right reasons.

Keep in mind, selection is key. This is not the time for that 3.5″ Gordon Gecko power tie. Rather, think dark and slim. Here’s a bunch for you to choose from.

Some additional tips to avoid looking like a banker that just left work:

– Undo the top button, and loosen the tie a bit

– Skip the silk and go with an alternative fabric: cotton, wool, and chambray all work well. Ready for a night to remember? Rock the Bally’s leather skinny tie seen above.

– Layer over the tie with a vest, v-neck, or cardigan.

– Bonus points for a bow tie

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