“Waiting to Return”

FreshNeck Members 

Want to speed up exchange time??? 
We have recently added a new feature to our website. It is called the “waiting to return” feature. It is simply to use and will guarantee cut wait time for new packages in half.

  • When you are ready to send back your FreshNeck item..
  • Go to your closet page
  • Click on the “RETURN” button underneath the image you are sending back. 
  • Make sure your closet is filled up with enough available items for your next package.
  • Packages are produced Monday-Friday at 11am. 
  • Once you click the “return” button we will have your next package produced ASAP! 

We hope to be adding many more features to the website in the near future. As well as making our site more mobile friendly so you can place items in your closet from your cell phone or Ipad.

If there are any ideas or features that you wish to have on the site feel free to contact our email address directly at Hello@FreshNeck.com.




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