What is this, Velvet?

Velvet – the fabric of choice for the King of Zamunda (are we showing our age, here?)

Also, the easiest way to upgrade your get-up at your next formal affair.  And while it may not be cost-effective to purchase a new velvet blazer or tuxedo, it’s super simple to incorporate the texture and bold color velvet affords by wearing a bow tie.

As usual, FreshNeck has you covered, with our recent arrivals from bow tie master, Edward Armah. They are oversized, soft, self-tie, and come in 5 black-tie colors, including black, grey, royal purple, plum, and burgundy.  We also have a few pre-tied ones from Giorgio Armani and Imani Uomo if you’re into shortcuts.


Listen, we could get into all the sartorial reasons of why a velvet bow tie is the proper choice for such an affair, but we’ll make it even simpler: Women like to touch soft things. Do you really want to deny them this opportunity?

In case you still need some work on tying that bad boy, here’s our instructional video. You’ll thank us, as there is nothing sexier than undoing a button or two and letting it drape, untied.

Just in case you needed a bit more inspiration on how good a velvet bow tie could look…

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